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The Salsa Collection

To order, email info@martinandrewsglass.com with reference numbers and quantities.

Salsa Collection aqua / gold bowl

Hand blown glass bowl with cobalt blue rim, flowing into a blend of colours, bubbles and millefiori glass cane melted into the surface.

Small 13.5 cm 
Medium 15 cm 
Large 23 cm 
(ref salsa 1/0996)
Retail 90 - 275. 

Salsa Collection aqua / gold flat vase

Hand blown glass with mid blue and gold topaz blending into flowing colours, bubbles and glass millefiori cane-work. 

Large 24 cm x 23 cm 
Exhibition 28 cm high x 24 cm wide 
(ref salsa 1/0994)
Retail 160 - 295

Salsa series

Salsa Collection aqua / gold oval bowl

Description as above

One size 29 cm long x 18 cm high
(ref salsa 1/0886)
Retail 225






Salsa Collection amethyst flat vase

Available in transparent silver blue and transparent purple. Hand blown transparent purple base colour. Trailed and blended flowing coloured glass uniquely dances across the contemporary form, to fuel the viewers imagination with a seascape of movement, bubbles and sea creatures. 

One size 28 cm high x 24 cm wide. 
(ref salsa 2/ 0994)
Retail 295


Salsa Collection satin etched bowl

Hand blown bowl with satin finish gives a translucent quality to the glass.

One size 23 cm  x 17 cm high  
(ref salsa 3/0996)
Retail 195

Salsa series

Salsa Collection satin flat vase

Hand blown flattened vase form with satin etched surface. Description as above. 

Medium 24 cm tall x 22 cm wide
Large 28 cm tall x 24 cm wide
(ref salsa 3/0994)
Retail from 195

Salsa Collection amethyst perfume bottle

Hand blown perfume bottle with available in Purple, Silver Blue and Ruby. Made with a fitted matching stopper. This beautiful contemporary form has a wonderful magnified quality. The high quality of the glass and the small bubble (cavity) gives the design a magical floating quality.

One size 16 cm tall
(ref salsa 3/0992)
Retail from 195


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